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The Thematic Working Group (TWG) for Circular Resource Management focuses on a better management and use of resources within a territory, through specific entry points.  

These specific entry points have been decided based on the diverse needs and priorities of the members: reuse and repair, public procurement, and management of textile flows. These entry points will be used to discuss systemic change in diverse sectors and therefore will link to other TWGs.  

More generally, the TWG focuses on tools and enabling frameworks for boosting circularity and initiating systemic change. This will be addressed by developing circular solutions for materials that are underutilised, as well as ensuring investment for circular economy production, moving away from resource depletion and waste. For instance, the work of this TWG may link to circular reuse of materials in specific sectors and instruments such as public procurement. 

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the TWG leader by emailing the CCRI Coordination and Support Office at