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Sectors: Circular resource management


Updated on 10.01.2024

The Municipality of Capannori is a public local authority that provides services for its community. The organisation is composed of seven departments and has a total of 250 workers. The Economic Development Department deals with circular economy (CE) and has a staff of three employees. Capannori is a large territory in terms of turnover, with a paper district that is among the largest in Europe. Moreover, agricultural activities and tourism are important economic sectors. 

Countries: Italy
Population: 46.272

More information

One of the most prestigious awards obtained by Capannori for its commitment to environmental issues is the Goldman prize, which was awarded in 2013 by the Goldman Environmental Foundation of San Francisco (USA) to Rossano Ercolini, the coordinator of the Zero Waste Research Centre of Capannori. The Municipality of Capannori is a point of reference for many local authorities who want to undertake the zero waste strategy. 

Leading organisation

Comune di Capannori 


Mayor’s Cabinet 

Link to existing circular economy action plan

The city has recently approved the guidelines for the development of a Local Action Plan for Circular Economy, that will be adopted in the following months. 

The forthcoming action plan structure is based on the nine steps identified by the zero waste strategy: 

  1. source separation 
  2. door-to-door collection 
  3. composting 
  4. recycling 
  5. Reuse, Repair & Community Centre 
  6. zero waste strategy 
  7. economic incentives 
  8. Residual Separation & Research Centre 
  9. better industrial design 


The new plan will also include actions to implement local industrial symbiosis processes. 


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Other activities

The Municipality of Capannori (CdC) adopted the zero waste strategy in 2007. Subsequently, the Municipality has designed and implemented the municipal waste collection system, becoming the first municipality in Italy to implement the door-to-door waste collection system with the application of the ‘pay-as-you-throw’ tariff. 

In addition, CdC supports the activities of the Zero Waste Research Centre, which is made of a team of zero waste experts, who promote (both locally and internationally) the waste reduction strategy and identify concrete solutions for the reuse/recycling of non-recyclable products. The city has also been involved in several projects, such as the Focus (Filter of Cigarettes reUse Safely) project or the Zero Waste Family. 

Link to Circular Systemic Solution

Capannori is committed to integrating upcoming recycling facilities into the local community while implementing a series of strategic policy actions to achieve its ambitious municipal zero-waste goal.​


The two cutting-edge facilities, slated for completion by 2026, include:​


  • Absorbent product recycling platform: This innovative platform is designed to tackle the recycling of items like nappies, sanitary towels and other absorbent products. By separating paper, plastic and super absorbent products, the facility prevents these items from ending up in landfills.
  • Textile waste sorting platform: Equipped with advanced technology, this facility can identify different types of fibres and direct them to separate primary treatment lines for initial sanitisation and subsequent packaging. Part of the material is recycled, while the rest is reintroduced into the reuse circuit through manual sorting and separation. The sorting centre will not produce any external odours.

Circular economy good practices

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Key publications, policies, legislations and initiatives

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Support from CSO

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Resource use, flows and materials

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Target territory