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The CCRI Coordination and Support Office has created four Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) to discuss and exchange practical solutions to implement Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS) in European cities and regions. 

Each TWG focuses on a specific circular economy theme and is made up of: 

Each TWG is coordinated and supported by a dedicated TWG Leader from the CCRI office. 
Click on the links below to find out more about each group. 


The main objectives of the TWGs, in the context of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI), are to: 

  • share knowledge, experiences, best practices and concrete solutions that are relevant for the circular economy among the participating Pilots, Fellows, CCRI Projects and Associated Partners – each TWG around a specific theme/sector; 
  • facilitate and enhance peer learning among the Pilots, Fellows, CCRI Projects and Associated Partners by enabling these exchanges and discussions within the TWGs; 
  • function as ‘laboratories’ to facilitate the implementation and discussion of circular solutions on specific themes or sectors that could be replicated elsewhere; 
  • facilitate synergies among relevant actors for future cooperation. 

The TWGs will deliver a TWG Report by 2025. This document will function as an assessment report on each TWG’s work, summarising its exchanges, findings and its recommendations for the implementation of CSS in its thematic area.  

The aim of each TWG Report will be to: 

  • provide main challenges/barriers and levers/opportunities for implementing CSS in the focus sector/topic;  
  • share relevant knowledge and tools on technical, regulatory, socio-economic aspects and dimensions influencing the implementation of the circular economy at local and regional scale in the focus sector/topic;   
  • offer a catalogue of concrete solutions and replicable good practices to overcome the challenges and exploit opportunities in the focus sector/topic; 
  • share policy recommendations and potential R&I gaps from the TWG regarding the specific sector/topic and/or cross-cutting topics.  

Each TWG will generally meet on a quarterly basis, starting in early 2023. 

Following the establishment of the TWGs at the end of 2022, discussions in 2023 will initially focus on: 

  • agreeing on specific focus areas within each group’s theme;  
  • identifying challenges, barriers, strengths and opportunities for each focus area; 
  • exploring concrete circular solutions based on members’ experiences; 
  • supporting the matching of TWG members’ needs with offers in the form of resources or services from Associated Partners. 

Interested in learning more about future TWG meetings? Keep track of their progress by joining upcoming public meetings, as mentioned our events calendar. In addition, you can subscribe to the CCRI newsletter to receive updates on TWG activities directly to your inbox, and stay informed by following us on Twitter, and by joining our Facebook and LinkedIn groups.