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Webinar on the CCRI Methodology for the implementation of a circular economy at the local and regional scale

Updated on 09.03.2023

The webinar outlined the main content of the CCRI Methodology and illustrated some of its components with practical examples.


Circular Cities and Regions Initiative Coordination and Support Office (ECORYS, TECNALIA, ACR+) 

Date: 27.10.2022 - 10:00 AM
Start and end date: 27.10.2022
Type: Webinar

More information

The CCRI Methodology is a guidance document that provides decision-makers with actionable guidance to help accelerate the transition towards the circular economy at local or regional level. It takes stock and draws on past and current efforts and initiatives aimed at deploying the circular economy at local level. It serves as the main reference and guidance to help the Pilots, Fellows and any other interested cities and regions develop and implement Circular Economy Action Plans and Circular Systemic Solutions (CSS).

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

The webinar provided insight into the CCRI Methodology, which will be used as a key reference point for CCRI Pilots, Fellows and other other interested cities/regions to support decision making for the implementation of CSS at local level.