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Your hub of relevant knowledge on the circular economy

The support materials section of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) website is your hub of knowledge to support you with the transition to the circular economy.  

More specifically, it provides knowledge to support cities and regions with the development and implementation of Circular Systemic Solutions. Learn more about Circular Systemic Solutions in our frequently asked questions

The support materials section contains a wide variety of relevant knowledge items researched and compiled by the CCRI Coordination and Support Office. These items cover a range of different knowledge types, including papers and reports, tools and methods. They cover specific projects and local policies and provide information about funding and financing opportunities.  

Check out the list of knowledge categories below to find out more and click on the links to begin learning from our full selection of knowledge items. 

CCRI documents

This section is where you will find documents produced by the CCRI’s stakeholders, including knowledge generated by the CCRI Coordination and Support Office. These documents may provide useful reading for stakeholders implementing the circular economy and Circular Systemic Solutions. 

Browse all items in the CCRI documents category. 

Funding and financing

In this section you can learn about suitable options for funding and financing circular projects and activities in a local/regional context. The funding types taken into account include grants and subsidies offered by governments at different levels, equity and quasi-equity, guarantees, debt and alternative forms of funding or financing. 

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Papers and reports

This section provides details on papers and reports that cover topics relevant for owners and developers of Circular Systemic Solutions. These topics include awareness and acceptance, financial and economic aspects, regulation and policy, technical gaps as well as skills and capacity building. 

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This section showcases projects that are not specifically labelled as CCRI projects but that are also testing circular solutions across value chains and sectors. This section will be of particular interest to cities and regions that are developing their Circular Systemic Solutions and looking for the main results and lessons learned from other projects.   

Browse all items in the projects category. For more information on the CCRI projects, see here.

Synergetic local policy plans

This section includes initiatives focused on supporting the development of multi-stakeholder action plans that target areas critical for a sustainable economy (e.g. energy, mobility, climate). It is recommended that the Circular Economy Action Plans and Circular Systemic Solutions are interoperable with existing local policy plans for proper progress. 

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Tools and methods

This section focuses on tools and methods that can be used to support the development, implementation and monitoring of Circular Systemic Solutions. The featured tools and methods cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to, circular economy indicators, resource scanning tools, and circular procurement guidelines. 

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Webinars, e-learning and videos

This section includes webinars, videos and e-learning material on topics such as applying circularity in key value chains, stakeholder engagement, governance, and financing. This content is relevant for local and regional governments as well as anyone involved in implementing the circular economy. 

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