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Papers and reports

This section provides details on papers and reports that cover relevant topics to owners and developers of Circular Systemic Solutions. Topics include awareness and acceptance, financial and economic aspects, regulation and policy, technical gaps as well as skills and capacity building. 

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Papers and reports

Circular Cities Declaration Report 2022 (2022)

The Circular Cities Declaration (CCD) Report 2022 is the widest ever assessment of circular economy (CE) practices across Europe's cities. From...

Awareness and acceptance
Sectors: Electronics and ICT, Batteries and vehicles, Packaging, Textile, Construction and buildings, Food (chain/systems), Water, Nutrients, Plastics, Transport and mobility, Logistics, Industry, Manufacturing, Business, Services, Wholesale and retail trade, Government and public administration, Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Tourism, Bioeconomy, Culture and events, Social community, Waste management, Land use and spatial planning, Digital economy, Energy
Papers and reports

Circular economy: what we want to know and can measure. Framework and baseline assessment for monitoring the progress of the circular economy in the Netherlands (2018)

With the government-wide programme ‘A circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050,’ the Dutch Government has outlined its plans for the transition...

Evaluation and monitoring
Sectors: Food (chain/systems), Construction and buildings, Electronics and ICT, Packaging, Plastics, Bioeconomy, Waste management, Manufacturing, Industry, Government and public administration