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Circular policies for changing the biowaste system

Updated on 09.02.2023

Five Horizon 2020 projects have teamed up to promote innovative solutions and bring down the regulatory barriers blocking a more sustainable future. This joint initiative is named ROOTS – circulaR pOlicies for changing the biOwasTe System.


ROOTS Initiative

Date: 27.09.2022 - 09:00 AM
Type: Webinar

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

As up to 50 % of European municipal waste is organic, valorisation of biowaste is a key tenet of a circular economy. However, numerous regulatory bottlenecks hinder the full deployment of revolutionary solutions in the field. On 27 September 2022, the ROOTS group hosted a policy conference in Brussels to present their recommendations and discuss them with European policymakers and stakeholders. Information on the agenda can be found here.

The event saw the participation of several European companies and cities involved to various degrees in the five organising projects (CITYLOOPS, HOOP, SCALIBUR, VALUEWASTE, WaysTUP!). They presented their experiences and achievements related to different topics, from biowaste prevention to insect for feed production, up to citizen awareness. These actors also exposed their concerns and thoughts about the barriers limiting the uptake of circular economy solutions. The event is important for policymakers to learn lessons from the ground, to improve the regulatory framework and to enable the implementation of Circular Systemic Solutions in the area of circular bioeconomy.

Target audience

e.g. B2B services

e.g. households, aware consumers, representatives of influential groups, trainers and educators

e.g. NGOs, citizens associations

e.g. chemicals, textile, ceramics, glass, cement, steel, bio-based industries


including bio-based economy

e.g. B2B services

CEAP2 key product value chain

e.g. chemicals, cosmetics, bio-based industries

e.g. electrical engineering, furniture and interior, textile and fashion

CEAP2 key product value chain

e.g. healthcare

CEAP2 key product value chain