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5th OECD Roundtable on the Circular Economy in Cities and Regions and CoR ENVE Seminar

Updated on 28.02.2024

This webinar offered cities and regions the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences while also offering a session specifically focusing on monitoring the circular economy.

Organiser: OECD
Type: Webinar

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

Cities/regions can make use of the shared experiences of the participants of this event who came from different parts of Finland, Ireland, Cyprus, Slovakia, Norway, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia and Croatia. These participants shared their experiences as public authorities which are dedicated to creating and/or improving CSS in their cities/regions. The second session of the webinar can inspire cities/regions in the Designing phase of the CCRI Methodology through the experiences of this event's participants who may be tackling similar circularity topics (e.g.: waste management and recycling; renewable energy and energy efficiency; industrial symbiosis and circular business modals, resource efficiency and innovation; stakeholder engagement and education;  policy and funding challenges). The third session can offer practical insights into trends and challenges in monitoring circular economy to cities/regions in the Implementation phase of the CCRI Methodology.

More information

The first session of the event focused on launching the OECD report on “The Circular Economy in Tallinn, Estonia”. The second session allowed cities and regions to share their experiences within the CCRI initiative. The last session addressed issues surrounding monitoring progress towards circular economy. The event can be accessed here: