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Knowledge category: Tools and methods

Ganbatte World: explore your city's data

Updated on 28.02.2024

The website is a neatly organised database to explore data-driven insights, solutions, tools and practical examples of the circular economy that can help cities achieve their climate and sustainability goals.

Author: Circle Economy, ICLEI
Year of update: 2024

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

This tool provides access to various databases such as examples of circularity practices in cities around the world. These example interventions are presented with analyses of the levels of emission reductions and the cost to implement the interventions (see: Ganbatte Cities – Explore: Find practical solutions). The tool also includes a database of circularity scores of cities around the globe with highlighted thematic areas where going circular can have the biggest impact on jobs, as well as reducing material use and emissions (Ganbatte Cities – Explore: Your city’s data). These datasets can help cities and regions in their decision making and policymaking when considering which areas of the local economy to prioritise based on the need and potential of the sectors. Likewise, the examples from other cities can serve as inspiration for the Mapping and Designing phases of unique Circular Systemic Solutions.

How to use this tool or method

The website is quite straightforward and leads the user through each step. Users can click through the five steps and dive into any database by clicking on sectors or locations they would like to learn more about.