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Knowledge category: Tools and methods

Cross-KIC Circular Economy Inititatives

Updated on 23.05.2023

The map of the circular economy (CE)-related initiatives (system maps) is a tool that provides an overview and benchmarking with initiatives within the EIT Communities (EIT RawMaterials, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Digital, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility).

Author: EIT CE Community
Year of update: 2023

More information

The map is designed to help the user to see and look up all the initiatives (e.g. business creation, education programmes, etc.) that focus on a specific CE focus area (e.g. reinvent, rethink & reconfigure). The user can do so by clicking on a respective circle on a map. The legend explains which circle represents which CE focus area or an initiative type.

Furthermore, the size of a circle is meant to represent a funding category.

The user can also use the tool by searching in the search bar or using the settings option to filter out certain focus areas and/or initiatives

Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

The database serves as an access point for interested stakeholders to see what kind of CE innovations are funded or created by the knowledge and innovation community (KIC). The map groups projects based on CE focus areas, such as reinvent, restore, reduce & avoid, or recirculate. Connected to these focus areas are initiatives targeting various sectors and themes; such initiatives can aim for the creation of a business, educational programmes, innovation programmes or public engagement projects. The information about these initiatives can be inspirational to cities and regions that are looking for projects and good practices focusing on various CE areas (reinvent, rethink & reconfigure, restore, reduce & avoid, recirculate, logistics, energy, systemic changes) and would like to consider the outcomes and learnings from these projects when planning and designing their Circular Systemic Solutions.

How to use this tool or method

The map is useful as an access point for any interested stakeholder who wishes to familiarise themselves with the landscape of CE innovation that is funded and/or created by EIT Communities. Different views or clustering approaches in the system map enable analysis of strengths, gaps, overlaps and synergies for the initiatives.

The maps visually interpret the database of initiatives in the following categories:

  • CE focus areas (reinvent; rethink & reconfigure, restore, reduce & avoid; recirculate;logistics; energy; and systemic changes);
  • economic sectors (according to NACE);
  • position in the value chain (nutrients, materials or energy suppliers; raw material or energy suppliers; designers, manufacturers, constructors and producers; service providers; distributors and retailers; integrators or facilitators; waste valorisers; and customers and end-users);
  • lead country;
  • initiative type (business creation, educational programmes, innovation programmes, innovation projects and public engagement);
  • and funding size.