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Report on pathways for the reuse and recycle food waste

Updated on 21.06.2024

The development of a strategy for the reuse and recycle of food waste is described in this document. First of all, an inventory of successful approaches has been created. This inventory covers the most important food sectors: meat, beverages, dairy, bakery and vegetables. The assessment of the successful cases has resulted in the identification of existing trends in reuse and recycling of food waste and based on them, a hierarchy of the most profitable approaches has been defined.

Also, a study of the packaging industry in the food sector is presented. This study covers the current packaging industry, the general aspects about plastics (one of the most problematic materials in the packaging sector) and existing and futures trends for the transition to a more sustainable and circular packaging industry. The analysis of the different stages of the food supply chain have been analysed. This research has developed opportunities and guidelines to be followed, which can be helpful when planning a reuse and recycling strategy.

Acronym: CIRC4Life
Countries: United Kingdom, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Finland, Greece
Project website:
Start and end date: 01.05.2018 - 31.10.2022
Budget: 7 228 774 EUR
Funding source: Horizon 2020

CEAP2 key product value chain

CEAP2 key product value chain

CEAP2 key product value chain

e.g. electrical engineering, furniture and interior, textile and fashion

e.g. B2B services

e.g. healthcare

including bio-based economy