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Bioeconomy Strategy Accelerator Toolkit

Updated on 21.06.2024

The Bioregional Strategy Accelerator Toolkit (BSAT) is an online platform for guiding decision-makers and stakeholders to develop their regional bioeconomy strategies using the proven POWER4BIO methodology. The toolkit is aimed to all kind of regions guiding you to the most relevant added value chains, regardless its maturity in the field of bioeconomy. It contributes to identifying specific regional assets, gaps/weaknesses and how-to-develop' tips on developing/strengthening its own regional bioeconomy strategy.

The BSAT offers all the necessary materials to guide you towards the development of a new or updated bioeconomy strategy for your region:

  • Technical documents: business cases, regulatory examples, financial implemented tools under real conditions, best practices of biorefineries, examples from Power4Bio regions, practical experiences, etc.
  • Methodological documents: templates, questionnaires and guidelines to explain and facilitate the analysis, assessment and collection of information, etc.
Acronym: POWER4BIO
Countries: Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Slovakia
Project website:
Start and end date: 01.10.2018 - 31.03.2021
Budget: 2 969 894 EUR
Funding source: Horizon 2020

CEAP2 key product value chain

CEAP2 key product value chain

CEAP2 key product value chain

e.g. chemicals, cosmetics, bio-based industries

e.g. B2B services

e.g. healthcare

including bio-based economy