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Papers and reports

This section provides details on papers and reports that cover relevant topics to owners and developers of Circular Systemic Solutions. Topics include awareness and acceptance, financial and economic aspects, regulation and policy, technical gaps as well as skills and capacity building. 

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Papers and reports

Circular Jobs & Skills in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (2018)

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) comprises the broader region around Amsterdam and inhabits well over 2.4 million people across 33 municipalities...

Skills and capacity
Sectors: Industry, Manufacturing, Business, Services, Social community
Papers and reports

Cities and circular economy for food (2019)

The report offers a vision for a healthy food system fit for the 21st century and beyond, underpinned by the circular economy principles of designing...

Sectors: Food (chain/systems), Agriculture, Waste management, Social community, Wholesale and retail trade
Papers and reports

Cities and the Circular Economy (2020)

This chapter in the publication ‘Systemic Thinking for Policy Making: The Potential of Systems Analysis for Addressing Global Policy Challenges in the...

Sectors: Government and public administration