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Knowledge category: CCRI Documents

Social Media Guide

Updated on 16.03.2023

To enable multipliers to actively support the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) and empower them to take ownership, we have developed a brief social media guide. The guide includes material and guidance such as a brief overview of the CCRI, and links to the FAQ section of the website, and the Community Management process and escalation guidelines. These help multipliers decide when to respond to comments or complaints and also help them to swiftly respond to genuine questions. For more details or complex cases, the users can be directed to the CCRI Helpdesk.

Author: Circular Cities and Regions Initiative, Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO)
Year of publication: 2022
Type: Other


This guide was developed to provide an overview of the approach taken towards promotion of the CCRI via social media. This involves providing CCRI multipliers with tactics that can be used when sharing content developed by the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO). I.e. promoting CCRI activities, responding to comments and questions and general community management tips.