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Knowledge category: CCRI Documents

Methodology for the implementation of a circular economy at the local and regional scale

Updated on 11.05.2023

The CCRI Methodology provides decision-makers with actionable guidance to help accelerate the transition towards the circular economy at local or regional level.

Author: CCRI Coordination and Support Office, Marco Bianchi, Pierre Menger, Iratxe Fernández Fernández (TECNALIA); Pouyan Maleki, Francisco Rueda (ECORYS); Elba Fuster Figuerola, Ghazal Etminan (AIT); Alina Margolina (EGEN)
Year of publication: 2022
Type: Report


The CCRI Methodology takes stock and draws on past and current efforts and initiatives aimed at deploying the circular economy at local level. 

Developed in the framework of the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI), this methodology is mainly designed to be used by policy and decision-makers operating at various levels of local and regional governance. Such users may be willing and competent to promote the development and implementation of circular economy initiatives and projects as well as the development of Circular Economy Action Plans and Circular Systemic Solutions within their respective territories. However, the document also considers issues relevant to the business sector, as this sector is expected to play a key role in funding and promoting circular economy practices in collaboration with public authorities.

In the long term, the CCRI Methodology shall become the reference for decision making for cities and regions interested in developing and implementing Circular Economy Action Plans and Circular Systemic Solutions in their territories.