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Knowledge category: CCRI Documents

CCRI Summary Sheet

Updated on 10.05.2023

An introductory publication about the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI) and the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO) in the form of a summary sheet. The publication includes all the relevant and key information about the CCRI, including the Pilots and Fellows Map, the CCRI Scheme and an overview of the support provided. 

Author: CCRI Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO)
Year of publication: 2022
Type: Publication


It includes: 

  • Background information on the EU policy framework. 

  • Profiles of the core CCRI stakeholders, such as the Pilots. This helps to give visibility to the organisations involved and their initiatives, and to put the CCRI’s work into context to make it more understandable and relatable for other relevant stakeholders. 

  • Information on how wider relevant stakeholders can get involved in the CCRI, including social media links, etc. This also helps make the brochure a valuable long-term product with a long-term use as both an informational and promotional tool.