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Submit your inputs on research and innovation needs in the circular economy

Published on 13.04.2023

The CCRI has launched a survey to hear the views of circular economy stakeholders on research and innovation (R&I) gaps and needs. The responses and insights from the survey will be key to identifying and analysing R&I gaps in the circular economy field at local and regional level.

Countries: EU-27, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Tunisia, Türkiye, Ukraine, Kosovo

More information

The survey will help the European Commission to understand in which fields (both technological and non-technological) more research and innovation is needed to support the development and implementation of circular solutions.

Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping EU policy, as we aim to feed these results into draft recommendations for the future priorities of Horizon Europe and EU legislative files and related initiatives.

The survey consists of three parts:

  • Type of activity: This first section requires you to highlight the type(s) of organisation you represent and how they are developing (or otherwise linked to) circular solutions.
  • Analysis of R&I gaps: The second section asks for your insights into technological and non-technological gaps in need of further research, development and/or innovation that would successfully contribute to implementing circular solutions. This section also allows you to offer recommendations on future calls and projects resulting from them, and around upcoming pieces of legislation.
  • Further involvement: The final section is intended to gauge respondents’ interest in getting involved in upcoming CCRI multi-stakeholder dialogues. These dialogues are expected to take two different formats: Format 1 will follow-up on this survey and focus on the co-creation of future Horizon Europe priorities; Format 2 will have a broader scope and consider R&I gaps as well as barriers and drivers.

We strongly encourage responses from circular economy stakeholders from a range of organisation types, including research, private sector, public administration, interest groups, clusters and more.

The survey is open until 14 April 2023 with a preliminary analysis of responses to be completed by end of April. 

You can find the full survey and submit your responses here:


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