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This section of the CCRI website features relevant news about the CCRI and Europe’s circular economy more broadly. Browse news relating to upcoming and past events, relevant success stories and case studies, and more. Make sure you are also signed up to our newsletter to receive the latest updates. 

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CCRI Newsletter archive: All the issues so far

Since May 2022, the CCRI Coordination and Support Office has been circulating regular newsletters to stakeholders. In this article, you can catch up...
Newsletter archive

Selection of Pilots and Fellows confirmed!

We are delighted to announce that, after over 100 applications, 12 Pilots and 25 Fellows have been selected. These cities, regions and territorial...
News article

Join us at EU Regions Week!

On 10-13 October 2022, the European Week of Regions and Cities will be discussing the importance of local and regional-level involvement for coherent...

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