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Launch of the CCRI Knowledge Hub!

Published on 14.05.2024

The Circular Cities and Regions Initiative is launching its Knowledge Hub to consolidate and expand the support activities made available for boosting circularity in European cities and regions. The CCRI Knowledge Hub will foster knowledge-sharing, mentoring, and capacity-building within the CCRI community and beyond.

Countries: EU-27

More information

In January 2024 the CCRI Knowledge Hub was launched to support the Circular Cities and Regions Initiative. 


As its name suggests, it will mostly act as a knowledge hub,  consolidating and expanding the knowledge base already available to the CCRI community and providing additional advisory support. 

CCRI Knowledge Hub will offer a wide range of instruments, including good practices, methods, reports and a digital marketplace for enabling technologies to facilitate the implementation of circular economy practices in regions and cities. It will target any European cities and regions – including those only starting their circularity transition.


The CCRI Knowledge Hub services will include:

  • Easy access to key knowledge and resources 
  • New opportunities to take part in a locally-tailored mentoring programmes
  • Capacity-building activities on various topics ranging from public engagement, innovation & technology, and impact evaluation to business models and financial support

CCRI Knowledge Hub has already started the screening and collection phase: 150 existing projects are being selected as virtuous examples and will be the “tank” of best practices to be shared and replicated over European regions and cities. The Knowledge Hub’s methodology will lead to the development of personalised support for the local implementation of circular economy practices and, lastly, to recommendations for policymakers. 


About the methodology:

  1. Screen, collect and analyse circular economy projects’ and initiatives’ good practices and resources
  2. Support circular economy action at city/region level
  3. Facilitate evidence-informed policymaking


The CCRI Knowledge Hub’s activities will complement those that have been offered so far by the CCRI Coordination and Support office and its partners. Both teams will work in close cooperation and operate under the same umbrella initiative to offer the best possible support services to the European cities and regions.


The CCRI Knowledge Hub is funded by the EU (Horizon Europe project).

Type of territories involved

large 500 000-200 000, medium 200 000-50 000, and small cities 50 000-5 000

large metropolitan area >1.5 million, metropolitan area 1.5 million-500 000

predominantly urban regions, intermediate and predominantly rural regions, refer to TERCET typology NUTS 3 region