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CCRI Newsletter archive: All the issues so far

Published on 01.03.2024

Since May 2022, the CCRI Coordination and Support Office has been circulating regular newsletters to stakeholders. In this article, you can catch up on all the newsletter issues that have been published so far, in case you missed them at the time.

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Our February 2024 issue featured reflections on the second year of the CCRI, as well as news of upcoming Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues and several upcoming events, including the European Summit of Regions and Cities and the World Circular Economy Forum 2024. It also included an interview with a representative of TREASoUrCE, a CCRI Project. Read it here

The December 2023 issue looked back on the CCRI’s first General Conference, which took place in November 2023. It also presented a new circularity gap report for Munich and a call for circular economy experts. This issue featured interviews with two CCRI stakeholders – Eurométropole de Strasbourg and Møre and Romsdal – who talked about their latest projects and the local challenges they are up against. Read it here


Our October 2023 issue shared opportunities to receive project development assistance, join the new Circular Investment Readiness Network, and take part in the first CCRI General Conference and the Food 2030 conference. It also featured news from EU Regions Week 2023 and an interview with CircularInvest, a CCRI Project. Read it here

The September 2023 issue shared further details about the first CCRI General Conference. It also featured news about how the OECD is kick-starting its partnership with the CCRI by supporting several Fellows, as well as news of several upcoming events for the circular economy community. It also included an interview with Uppsala, a CCRI Pilot. Read it here

Our July/August 2023 issue announced the date of the first CCRI General Conference, provided details on EU Regions Week, and shared takeaways from the first Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue. It also presented an interview with RESOURCE, a CCRI Project, and announced the arrival of three new projects to the initiative. Read it here

The June/July 2023 issue featured takeaways from the CCRI Webinar on navigating the funding landscape and Thematic Working Group meetings. It also included save-the-dates for Horizon Europe Info Days and the 2023 EU Regions Week, and news of newly published support materials. Read it here

Our May 2023 provided information about calls for applications for project development assistance by two CCRI Projects and new innovation calls for cities and regions. It also featured information about upcoming events and interviews with CCRI Projects FRONTSH1P and BIOMODEL4REGIONS. Read it here

The April 2023 issue looked back on the first year of the CCRI and introduced the initiative’s strategic partnerships with the European Investment Bank and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It also featured an interview with the OECD as well as an interview with HOOP, a CCRI Project. Read it here

Our March 2023 issue included updates from the CCRI’s Advisory Board and Thematic Working Groups. It also featured news of two circular economy publications and two events, alongside an interview with CCRI Strategic Partner the European Investment Bank. Read the full issue


The February 2023 issue shared the summary and recording of the 3rd CCRI Webinar and news of several other circular economy events. It also included interviews with CCRI Pilot Guimarães and CCRI Fellow Ireland-West. Read it here

The January 2023 issue shared news on the 2nd and 3rd CCRI Webinars, Circular Bio-based Europe’s annual programme, a European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform conference, and interviews with CCRI Fellows Comunitat Valenciana and Central Denmark. Read it here 

Our December 2022 issue presented the new funding opportunities under Horizon Europe’s 2023-2024 Work Programme. It also included interviews with CCRI Pilots Roubaix and Uppsala. Read it here 


Our November 2022 issue focused on the first CCRI Coordination and Support Workshop in Brussels and the first webinar, which introduced the CCRI Methodology. It also introduced the initiative’s Advisory Board. Read it here 


The October 2022 issue presented the  CCRI Projects and Associated Partners that has recently joined the initiative. It also shared news from the CCRI’s launch event in Brussels and session at EU Regions Week. Read it here 


Our September 2022 issue announced the 37 cities, regions and territorial clusters selected to join the CCRI as Pilots and Fellows. It also presented relevant sessions at EU Regions Week, which took place in October. Read it here 


The July 2022 issue announced the CCRI’s partnership with EU Regions Week and shared the recording from our event on circular systemic solutions at EU Green Week. Read it here 


The May 2022 issue provided the latest updates from the initiative, including the recording from the Circular City Centre’s C3 webinar in May, in which the CCRI’s Coordination and Support Office participated. Read it here 


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