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CCRI Newsletter archive: All the issues so far

Published on 06.03.2023

Since May 2022, the CCRI Coordination and Support Office has been circulating regular newsletters to stakeholders. In this article, you can catch up on all the newsletter issues that have been published so far, in case you missed them at the time.

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The January 2023 issue shared news on the 2nd and 3rd CCRI Webinars, Circular Bio-based Europe’s annual programme, a European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform conference, and interviews with CCRI Fellows Comunitat Valenciana and Central Denmark. Read the full issue  

Our December 2022 issue presented the new funding opportunities under Horizon Europe’s 2023-2024 Work Programme. It also included interviews with CCRI Pilots Roubaix and Uppsala. Read it here 


Our November 2022 issue focused on the first CCRI Coordination and Support Workshop in Brussels and the first webinar, which introduced the CCRI Methodology. It also introduced the initiative’s Advisory Board. Read it here 


The October 2022 issue presented the  CCRI Projects and Associated Partners that has recently joined the initiative. It also shared news from the CCRI’s launch event in Brussels and session at EU Regions Week. Read it here 


Our September 2022 issue announced the 37 cities, regions and territorial clusters selected to join the CCRI as Pilots and Fellows. It also presented relevant sessions at EU Regions Week, which took place in October. Read it here 


The July 2022 issue announced the CCRI’s partnership with EU Regions Week and shared the recording from our event on circular systemic solutions at EU Green Week. Read it here 


The May 2022 issue provided the latest updates from the initiative, including the recording from the Circular City Centre’s C3 webinar in May, in which the CCRI’s Coordination and Support Office participated. Read it here 


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