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Sectors: Bioeconomy

Castilla y León

Updated on 19.09.2023

The Castilla y León Regional Government adopted its own Circular Economy Strategy in October 2021 with the aim of making the region a competitive and innovative territory by 2030, based on a regenerative and carbon neutral model. The pilot will contribute to the development and implementation of the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP) to build a circular economy (CE) ecosystem. 

In this pilot, a systemic circular solution for nutrient recovery will be developed, making an efficient use of natural renewable resources, developing cascade uses and returning biowaste and biomass to nature. 

Countries: Spain
Population: 2.383.139

Leading organisation

Regional Government of Castilla y León 

Ministry for Environment, Housing and Land Planning 


Fundacion Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León

Link to existing circular economy action plan


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Other activities

Regional Bioeconomy: The regional government, through the Ministry for Economy (Economic Competitiveness Institute), has developed a Circular Bioeconomy Roadmap. A territorial Strategy has been drafted and the proposal of Provincial Action Plans. Also, the regional Agrarian Technological Institute and the Ministry for Agriculture have approved a Bioeconomy Strategy for the Agri-food industry. 

An International Forum on Bioeconomy has been created, and the first event was organised for October 2021, and, going forward, will be organised every two years involving regional stakeholders (including public authorities, science representatives, and enterprises). Bioeconomy has been highlighted at the Regional Circular Economy Strategy as a key pillar to achieve its objectives. 

In terms of local initiatives for the adoption of CE, the Capital City of the region, Valladolid, has also approved their own Circular Economy Roadmap and CEAP with the support of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Closed cooperation between the Valladolid local authority and the regional authority has been a key driver in recent years. 

Link to Circular Systemic Solution

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Circular economy good practices

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Key publications, policies, legislations and initiatives

A permanent regional bioeconomy stakeholders group has been created to evaluate policy implementation and create a bank of projects. 

A Regional Centre for Circular Eco-design has been created in 2019 by the regional cluster, AEICE. Read more.

The aim of this centre is to increase awareness and capacity building and integrate eco-design at the core of the production and consumption system, in order to accelerate the transition to a CE and provide eco-design services to enterprises and organisations. 

The Integrated Waste Management Plan of Castilla y León was amended in March 2022 to be adapted to the new UE Waste Directive. This can be considered a key part of the regulatory framework for CE in the region. 

Support from CSO

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Resource use, flows and materials

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Target territory