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Event type: Conference

Clausthal Conference on Circular Economy



23. - 24.11.2023

The Clausthal Conference on Circular Economy offers you exciting lectures by invited experts, controversial discussions on energy systems of the future, digitalisation, resource efficiency and new materials. You will have the opportunity to meet scientists from different disciplines, broaden your horizons and expand your network.

Event format: On location
Event location: Aulastraße 8, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Clausthal University of Technology

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The Circular Economy represents a transformation from the previous “take-make-waste”-economy by understanding the use of resources and energy as circular rather than linear. The goals of the Circular Economy are to be understood as a task for society as a whole, which addresses behavioural, ecological and economic problems in addition to technical issues. It is urgently time to establish close cooperation between these pillars in order to realise an energy and raw material turnaround as well as the necessary social transformation.

Thus, we at Clausthal University of Technology have set ourselves the goal of creating an interdisciplinary platform and uniting actors from different scientific and research disciplines under the umbrella of the Clausthal Conference on Circular Economy (CCCE) in a holistic discourse on the sustainable use of energy and resources.

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