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Cariplo Factory

Updated on 25.10.2023

Cariplo Factory is an innovation hub that activates a talent pipeline that can include experiential training paths, entrepreneurial accompaniment programs, open innovation projects, Venture Capital investments and internationalization support activities. Cariplo Factory has a particular focus on promoting the transition to a circular economy in Italy and has supported a number of initiatives in this area, from education courses with companies, international universities and research centres, to circular advisory projects through analysis and circular innovation, including also circular connection activities to disseminate circular culture across eternal actors and partners.

Target audience: Business, Industries, Global/international/EU/national/regional/provincial/local initiatives, Academia and research
Countries: Italy
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Activities on circular economy

Cariplo Factory has several initiatives related to the circular economy, some of which are:

  • Supporting Circular Economy Business Models: Cariplo Factory supports the development of circular economy business models by providing funding to start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, and other organizations that are working on innovative projects aimed at promoting a more sustainable and circular economy.
  • Sustainable Mobility: Cariplo Factory promotes sustainable mobility projects that aim to reduce the environmental impact of transportation, increase the use of renewable energy, and promote more sustainable urban development.
  • Circular Design: Cariplo Factory supports projects that promote circular design and eco-design principles, which seek to reduce waste and promote the reuse and recycling of materials in the design and production of products.
  • Waste Reduction: Cariplo Factory supports initiatives aimed at reducing and optimising waste and promoting more sustainable waste management practices, such as the development of recycling infrastructure and the implementation of waste reduction policies.
  • Bioeconomy: Cariplo Factory supports projects aimed at promoting sustainable solutions in the field of bioeconomy, such as the use of regenerative agriculture techniques, being operator of the Italian Bioeconomy Accelerator or the CDP National Network, Terra Next.
Target territory
Territories involved

large 500 000-200 000, medium 200 000-50 000, and small cities 50 000-5 000

predominantly urban regions, intermediate and predominantly rural regions, refer to TERCET typology NUTS 3 region