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European Investment Bank framework loans for the public sector

Updated on 19.09.2023

The European Investment Bank (EIB) provides additional financial resources to either single large investment projects (framework loans) or to new investments funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds (Cohesion Fund, European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, European Regional Development Fund, and European Social Fund).

Financial entity: European Investment Bank
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Relevance for Circular Systemic Solutions

The EIB provides various framework loans to cities and regions. Typically, loans are greater than € 100 million. Circular projects, as a key priority of the EIB, are of particular relevance in almost all sectors. Structural funds and loans can cover up to 90 % of project costs in transitioning or less developed regions, and up to 70 % in developed regions. Framework loans can be suitable to finance the entire Circular Systemic Solution as well as its specific components or elements.

Applicant criteria

EIB framework loans for the public sector are open to sovereign states, national agencies, departments, institutions and ministries, regional or local authorities, and public sector companies (e.g. utilities).

Eligible projects/themes

Depending on the loan, projects may touch on different themes. Framework loans can be multi-component and can include roads, public transport, water, solid waste, urban revitalisation, social housing, culture, health, education, sports facilities, energy efficiency, public parks and green space. Structural loans will cover themes of the structural funds.

Amount of funding

From € 100 million per investment programme, consisting of smaller projects.

Application process

Cities and regions can apply directly. Procedures may differ depending on the type of loan or project size (< € 25 million, € 25 million to € 50 million, > € 50 million) but typical investments start from € 100 million, which require an appraisal as described. The city or region must approach the EIB with an initial exchange of information to confirm interest on both sides.


The EIB will then internally evaluate and send a questionnaire comprising questions to support the appraisal. An appraisal mission of 1.5 days with a loan officer and two technical urban specialists takes place to assess issues flagged by EIB specialists, in consultation with the different departments involved in the projects, including the city or region's administration. Site visits are also part of the appraisal. Continued communication for outstanding points is to be expected.


The EIB's Management Committee and Board of Directors has to approve the loan, as does the council for the city or region. The financial contract is then negotiated based on a draft provided by the EIB, and finally signed.


There is no set deadline, or the deadline is set on a needs basis.

Financing type
Territories involved

large 500 000-200 000, medium 200 000-50 000, and small cities 50 000-5 000

large metropolitan area >1.5 million, metropolitan area 1.5 million-500 000

predominantly urban regions, intermediate and predominantly rural regions, refer to TERCET typology NUTS 3 region